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My memories go back to primary school, when I spent my days with pencil and paper, drawing everything I saw, often for my friends but usually for myself. This commitment to drawing led me to my first solo exhibition when I was only 12 years old. Due to unhappy circumstances that befell the Western Balkans region in the 90s, my choice of my secondary school wasn’t destined to be mine and I ended up in agricultural school. There, I started my preparations for studies of painting, wondering all the time and until the last minute if maybe architecture would be a better option. I was mesmerised by the fact that architecture and design connect worlds of art, mathematics, physics and technology, creating the environment that surrounds us. This fascination prevailed, and I graduated my architectural studies in 2004. Since then, my professional work has been orientated towards architectural, interior and industrial design. My childhood interest in Lego, Disney, Marvel comics, Star Wars, unexpectedly, led me to this overwhelming profession of architecture and design. While I was at university, I fell in love with computer science and the software that helped me with my work and then another personal miracle occurred - in 1999, I bought my first iMac. While all the PCs of that time had an off-white monitor with poor graphics, a big metal computer case and cumbersome keyboard, mouse and speakers, and were connected with numerous cables hanging from the desk, the iMac was the ‘all-in-one Macintosh’. It had a marvellous translucent case and impeccable image quality, crystal clear sound and great performance. I remember that more than 800,000 iMacs were sold in just 139 days, making it the most rapidly merchandised computer in the world. Another very important moment in my personal history, but also for the history of 21st century design, happened on the 29th of June 2007, when the first iPhone appeared. I managed to obtain my iPhone in 2008 and that was when I fully understood how powerful and interesting design can be when applied to technology. This revelation has stayed with me for 12 years. Some 700 million iPhones were sold between 2008-2015. As an iPhone user, I quickly came to appreciate the AppStore concept. In 2015 it had 1.5 million applications available for the most popular device in the world. Apps were aimed at all aspects of life, they were an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me, and their key issue was again - design. I wanted to become a part of this grandiose story, so I started to learn. Programming in iOS officially became my passion at the beginning of 2015, when I first opened my developer account and published my first application for the iPhone. The pleasure that this event gave me was hard to put into words. Of course, my applications at the beginning were rather simple, but I continued to expand my knowledge every day, going even further with each new application that I uploaded. Today, I make applications for iPhone, iPad, iWatch and Apple TV. I do this wholeheartedly, and out of pure love, so the selection of my applications is quite diverse, not commercially orientated and depends on my mood and wishes at the time. I aim for my applications to be functional, simple and pleasingly designed so that each user can feel the passion that has contributed to their creation. We are all witnesses of significant ‘acceleration’ of time that has led to many things in architecture and design becoming instant, online, extremely affordable and mass-produced. When renderings look like photography, and vice versa and being able to work freelance changes the circumstances of the business. Different services and extensions of our smartphones and smartwatches that follow us 24/7 develop at a fast pace. This new hardware may be the beginning of a new enlightened age of architecture and applied design. I sincerely hope that the experience and knowledge that I have gathered so far (in the fields of architecture, design, civil engineering, sustainable technologies, organic food production) will form a symbiosis with my love for iOS programming. I strongly believe that the future of many different disciplines lies, in some respect, in the development of software for personal devices.